Sunday, 26 June 2011

why abortion law reforms?

one might ask the question "why abortion reforms?". let me start by saying that first and foremost, abortion laws were made to save the lives of our women who were droping like flies all over the country. it may shock you to know that these abortion laws does not serve our women anymore. in our country where about 70% of the population lives in the last two ladders of the maslow theory which is made up of food, shelter, security, socialization, self esteem, and self actualization, you find out that food and shelter are at the fore front of nigerians. abortion law in nigeria criminalises abortion and drives these women to get unsafe abortion to get rid of unwanted pregnancies. these women are victims of rape, agency, cultural hindrance, e.t.c. there are two abortion laws in nigeria: one is the criminal law of the south which says that anybody who procures abortion for a pregnant woman will be jailed for 14 years while the woman gets 7 years. second is the penal code of the north which says that anybody who secures an abortion for a pregnant woman gets 14years in prison while the woman also gets 14 years. this law was adopted in the 18th century annd has never been reformed but it might interest you to know that italy whom we adopted these laws from have reformed theirs 4 times since it doesnt serve their women any longer. let me bring to your notice that the only clause in these abortion laws is the one which says that abortion can only be performed on a woman only if her life is threatened by the pregnancy. this clause does not include victims of rape or mental disorder or even underaged pregnancy which is becoming rammpant in nigeria what with the standard of living being vary low. you hear cases of child rape and 11 year olds being impregnated by their neighbour and even worse- THIER FATHERS!!!. this is quite alarming so to say. it is quite clear that our abortion law reform is long overdue and the earlier something is done about it, the better for our women.

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  1. I must commend you for having a blog but i am not supportive of this
    To me, abortion is murder and murderers must be put to shame irrespective of the consequences surrounding the pregnancy.
    God takes care of forced pregnancies and i believe in that. Unless you are not a believer Of God's existence. Meanwhile, Happy Birthday.