Thursday, 2 August 2012

Theft In MMIA Baggage Area!!!!

Sad development in our airport :(
This is a comment i read from one of the posts on the blogs i follow:

"Pls i'll like to call your attention to what is going on at the baggage area at MMIA. I came into the country a few days ago with my family, waited for about 3 hours for our suitcases, just to get home and find out that virtually all we came with had been stolen at the baggage area. Apparently, what they are doing is delaying larger suitcases, ransacking them and helping themselves with whatever they want.
This is totally appalling! I've thought about where to lodge my complaint, but cldnt think of any where else, thus this mail. Pls if you can throw more light on this issue on your blog so that FAAN and the general public become aware of this disgusting act. Thanks and stay blessed!"

Dear readers, I hope something will be done about this situation.

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