Friday, 3 August 2012

Twitter Battle: Nigeria Vs Ghana

Strange but true, a real life twitter battle occured on twitter between two countries

This battle started in the early hours of this morning and seems to have originated from the Olympics. From what i can decipher, a debasing comment from a Ghananian regarding the result of the basket ball match between USA and Nigeria triggered the whole event.

The match in question ended with the Nigeria's men basketball team, D'Tigers loosing to the American team,  Nigeria - 73 USA 156. Ouch!

                        See Carmelo Anthony , Lebron James and Kobe Bryant laughing at us ...

Team USA used our Nigerian team to make Olympics history. They set Olympics record for most points scored in a game. It was also the biggest margin of victory for a USA team with 83 points. And lastly, it was the most threes made (29) in US Olympics history. That notwithstanding, i will like to state here also that Nigeria's 73 points against the USA last night was the highest an African country has ever scored against the US team. *Now giving a 'high five' to the Nigerian team* Up Naija

I took some time to munch some of the battle words exchanged incase you missed the fight. Keep scrolling

Dear readers, did you watch the game? share your thoughts.