Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Twitter Saves: The Good Side Of Social Network

Everything has a good, bad and ugly side and social networks are not left out.

A couple of weeks ago, a dark cloud hovered above our social networks. This cloud came in form of the brutal death of Miss Cynthia Osokogu who was allegedly murdered by people she met on the facebook - blackberry chat.

Following this event, many Nigerians have expressed serious concerns over social media in Nigeria. Parents became more interested in who there children were sharing information with on the various social networks, how much information being shared, e.t.c.

In the past few days, an event that occured on Twitter is slowly clearing this dark cloud. This event was tagged #SaveDebbie.

#SaveDebbie emerged when a group of people: friends and well wishers of a 28yr old lady named Osarere Idiagbonya with twitter handle @debbified who was diagnosed with breast cancer and needed 6million naira for an urgent surgery abroad, took to the social network and openly appealed to Nigerians for their much needed help.

Their appeal was not in vain as many celebrities and well meaning Nigerians stepped up to the challenge and helped in putting together the money needed for the surgery. This goes to prove that our social networks are not bad all around.

Other events include #SaveFunmi which was also successful and #SaveMeka which is still on going.

All hail our Social Networks!!
All hail Nigerians!!!
We do good here.

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