Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Cossy Orjiakor Opens Up on Sexual Molestation

                             Cossy Orjiakor pole dancing during her recently celebrated birthday

The actress/singer who recently had her birthday shindig at her new house opened up on the several sexual molestation she gets from strangers that accosts her as she goes about her daily activities. She confirms that this is as a result of her controversial lifestyle and how people percieves it.

She gave an example with an incident that occured while she was in traffic :

‘I was in the traffic one day and one of these guys who sells things in traffic just came and grabbed my b*obs and ran away. I was stunned. He was coming back the second time and when he saw my facial expression, he could not try it again. I was ready for him’.

She describes these experiences as nasty.

Happy belated birthday CossyDiva!!!!

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