Monday, 29 October 2012

Gov. Dambaba Suntai crash update: why he flew the plane himself

I don't know how true this is but information reaching me claims that:

The Pilot who was to fly Governor Suntai's Plane to Yola told him that it is not safe to fly and that when they get to Yola, landing would be difficult. Governor Suntai got angry and said he has to be in Yola even if it would mean flying the plane himself since he has experience.
That was how Governor Suntai angrily told the Pilot to come down and asked his aides to follow him.

Governor Suntai who decided to fly the plane saying he has experience has since been flown to Germany.

Quick question: What about his 5 aides? where have they been flown to?

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  1. Abi o! Nelly help me and ask dem! Is it only him dat knws hw 2 be flown 2 germany? Mtcheew!