Sunday, 31 March 2013

Pure Gossip: Guess The Actor!!!

This is what i just read on Stella Dimokokorkus blog. Please read and tell me which actor you think she is referring to.

"This actors wife is a very domineering and jealous wife despite the fact that her
actor husband loves and respects her a lot.
Because she loves him so much she no gree give her actor husband breathing space to pursue his career.
One will hardly find this actor amongst his peers at nollywood events except when she
allows him go on movie locations to shoot.
whenever this actor attends a wedding with his wife,he dares not take pictures with female fans because he wife will loose her cool publicly.

The actor only gets breathing space if his wife allows him collect scripts outside
Lagos and he goes and when he does he takes a portrait of his wife and kids which must
be displayed in whichever hotel room he stays.

Whenever he is on location in Lagos,his wife always barges in and out of location to
keep an eye on him and this attitude doesn't go down well with some producers which has
affected them giving him scripts.they say''who wants an actor whose wife follows him

This wife loves her actor hubby so much she prefers him to be with her 24/7.she has a
baby wear shop on Babs animashaun in surulere where she goes everyday and the actors
daily routine if he is not on location include dropping off the kids in sch in the

morning,coming back to take his wife to the shop,staying with her till its time to
pick up the kids,taking the kids home and going back to the shop to stay with madam
until she closes from the shop.loving wifey also tells her hubby not to worry and that they would manage proceeds from her shop if scripts don't come.

Some of his colleagues that live in the same neighbourhood with this actor and his wife
also have had their own experiences with the actors wife who never fails to accuse them each
time she sees them with their girlfriends and accuses them of introducing her hubby to

If the actor is visiting friends in the neighbourhood,she waits a while and barges into
their houses to see if she will catch them with ladies,therefore he cannot hang out with guys in

Most actors and industry eyes close to the actor know of his wife's domineering habit
and have stopped including his name in any activities because she always attends with

The actor was recently overheard complaining to a colleague that he is no longer
comfortable with the wife's domineering habit and was begging to be invited to event

before he becomes a forgotten name.

The actor and his wife have been married for 14yrs and courted for a few years before
they married:
they have kids and the actor gives everything to make his family

olofofos argue that if she knew he was acting and allowed it,why is she trying to use
her over protective and insecure love to bury her husbands career?especially now that
nollywood has learnt to walk without anyones help.

Please this gist is an open secret and many nollywood people will know who i am
referring to,please help me advise the wife to free the gives you the right
to be free and if you love someone you should also set them free to pursue their

Madam give your husband breathing space before you use your hand to destroy
your marriage and later cry wolf..
How can a grown man who has a career be sitting down everyday in a baby wear shop
counting diapers ?na wah!

The actor in question is 20-15-14-25 and his last name ends with the last letter in
the alphabetic table.

Please no hating on her,just give her some advice on how to handle her insecurities,I am sure she will read this."

But wait o, if this actor is who i am thinking, didn't he recently appear in the movie trailer of 'Room 027' a movie with lots of nude sex scene? Do you think the kind of wife described above will allow him take part in the movie?

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  1. Tony Umez!!!!!

  2. buhahahahahaha i knew it!!!! he is the only one wit z as the last letter in his last name

  3. Lmao!so d parts he plays in movies is actually for real!!!-kassy