Monday, 1 April 2013

Is Mike Tyson really getting his face Tattoo removed?


While most people just got or are in the process of getting body tattoos, heavy weight champion legend Mike Tyson is getting his own off.
This information i just got from his twitter page where he tweeted that he was in the hospital about to remove his famous face tattoo. Meanwhile his fans are pleading with him not to do it.
See his tweets after the cut...

What do u think? Is he really going through with it? or is this part of April fools prank?

I know, "Chinelo, how is this news?"
Sorry, slow news day *tongue out*


  1. hmmmm
    april fool maybe

  2. yimu>>> April fool. if ai hear!

  3. This man dat chewed out someone's ear during a fight. I dnt care whether he removes his tato or not.

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