Saturday, 28 July 2012

Breaking News: UNN Student Affairs Building Burnt Down

Nsukka: The students of UNN were greeted with a shocker this morning as they woke to the smell of smoke in the air. The source of the smoke was revealed when the students residing in one of the female hostels named Okpara Hall which is situated directly opposite the student affairs building looked out of their windows and watched as hell broke loose.

Sources reaching me states that this event occured in the wee hours of the morning while the school still slumbered. My source also confirmed that the security personnel where nowhere to be found as it was the great Queens of Okpara Hall who braved the scene with buckets of water and sand.

Trying to hazard a guess as to the origin of the fire, my source claims she doesnt believe it was an electrical issue but believes it was carried out by a group of students. We will keep our fingers crossed while we wait for further investigations.

Meanwhile Yours truely is yet to get hold of the pictures taken of the scene but promises to supply them as soon as i can.

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