Saturday, 28 July 2012

N15Million Scandal: Am sorry, I Have Learnt My Lesson - Jim Iyke

Jail beckoned on controversial Nollywood star Jim Iyke but mother nature was kind and so, the Imo state born actor was saved.
Thanks to Jim Iyke ‘s parents who rescued him from a determined Habiba Abubakar who wanted the tough talking actor jailed for allegedly conning her out of N15million.

Jim Iyke ’s parents had gone with cap in hand to beg the Abuja big girl to let by gone be while the case got settled out of court. Pronto, Habiba withdrew the case in a show of respect to Jim Iyke ’s parents.
But the dust of the rumble had hardly settled down when a bitter Habiba was quoted as lamenting to close friends that the stress and strain she suffered as a result of the matter, forced her to the surgeon’s table and knives, to take away the extra pounds and wrinkles she’d piled up during the period.

When our correspondent visited Untamed Closet, Jim Iyke ’s fashion house, it was a remorseful Jim Iyke who disclosed he’s learnt his lesson.
“I’ve learnt to be silent over the matter. It would also be reasonable to apologize to Habiba for pushing her into embarking on plastic surgery”, he said.

The actor who admitted to meeting Habiba through his sister affirmed he made jokes out of Habiba’s tummy and shape, but had on no occasion advised Habiba to do any kind of plastic surgery. According to Jim Iyke “I’m playful and jovial, and because I can make fun out of anything, I had jokingly complained about Habiba’s size sometime in my family house. I crack the same joke even with my sister, and we all laugh over it.

I don’t think the claim you alleged Habiba is making is actually true. How can she be claiming that I pushed her into the pain of plastic surgery? I really don’t have anything personal with her. My sister said Habiba told her something of sort, but I never believed it.
I thought it was one of those gossips. Hearing it from you actually confirms that she said something related to that. But would you believe that I will advise a married woman against her wish to go for surgery? If she went through any kind of stress as a result of that, then I’m sorry”.
By Vanguard Newspaper

All these show of remorse after piling insults on the lady on twitter.
Dear readers, does this apology sound geniune to you? *lips sealed*

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