Monday, 12 November 2012

Castrate Him!!!

This is not a cool story!
This is a cause for alarm!

Three days ago, I stumbled across a pix on the internet that made me question the existence of human conscience

In the pix, a little girl has what is obviously a grown man's penis stuffed into her mouth!

During further research on the matter, I learnt that the girl is 4 from Botswana, the alleged owner  of the penis is 30 and presently in police custody and the father of the child is asking for him to be released so that he can be castrated.

This is just too much for me!!!

Below is a link to the pix. Viewers discretion is advised


  1. Hi Nelly, I just got this image on my BB as well and it is heart breaking, heart rending and I am personally trying to get to the bottom of this.

    how reliable is your source?

  2. Hi Nelly I live in Suriname and this picture was spreading like a virus here.So I truly deeply hope they castrate this piece of shit and lock him up for life so that every day in his life he would be reminded of his inhuman actions. God forbid he molested more kids.

  3. Oh God! This is someone's child! Lord hv mercy!