Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Noooo! Please don't take away my aeroplane :'(

I'm devastated by this news,  can't stop crying

The Nigerian communication commission has ordered all telecommunication operators to stop all promotions and lotteries with immediate effect. This was contained in a statement signed by Tony Ojobo, the Director of Public Affairs of the Commission.

According to the statement, the commission said it has received complains from consumers against the various promotions offered by telecommunications operators.

There is a copy of the statement issued yesterday but  I didn't bother reading it cos all could think of is "they just killed my dream of winning the MTN aeroplane"!!!!

Nooo!!! please don't take away my aeroplane! :'(

I know, I know! how is this story relevant?

Well, feel free to 'K' this gist. *passing the mic*

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  1. Very funny. Although promos r still goin on even till nw. What do they nw mean?